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Since 1957, FISBA has been supplying photonics customers the widest array of design and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. Our highly specialized teams meet the complex and regulated demands of the Life Science, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial Production and Materials Processing markets, enabling the world's leading brands to fulfill their market potential. FISBA’s customer focused services range from ideation to device development support, engineering, supply chain optimization, to device assembly operations, all at our purpose-built facilities that support stringent market requirements while protecting our customers’ intellectual property. FISBA operates from locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

Micro, Lenses, Life Science, Optical Components, High Precision, Ir, Optical Systems, Photonics, Production Technology, Device development support, Diode Laser Modules, Fast Axis Collimator Lenses, FISBA Beam Twister, FISBA FISCam, FISBA RGBeam, Industrial Production, Infrared, Laser Focusing Systems, Low Light Lens Systems, Manufactruing, Material Processing, Microlenses, Molded Lenses, Security & Defense, Slow Axis Collimator Lenses
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